KB0026 – Installing Google Drive Sync (Mac)

This guide will lead you through the process of installing the Google Drive Sync on your Macbook.

1. The following link will take you to the Google Drive Sync download page hosted by Google:


2. Once you have reached this page, you will be required to Choose your Operating System by clicking on the “Download Drive” button shown below.

KB0026 - 1

3. You will then be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions associated with this product prior to the product downloading, as shown below.

KB0026 - 2

3. Once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions, you will notice the Download will commence. The image below depicts the download location in Google Chrome.

KB0026 - 3

4. Once the download is complete, the install will mount and you will be required to drag the Google Drive into the Applications Folder. As Shown Below.

KB0026 - 4

5. You will now be required to run the Google Drive Sync Application. You can do this by going to “Spotlight”, located in the top right hand corner of your screen and completing a search for Google Drive. As shown below.

KB0026 - 5

6. By Clicking on the Google Drive Application highlighted above, you will commence the running of the Application. However, you will be required to authorise the opening the Program. As shown below.

KB0026 - 6

7. The Google Drive Sync will now go through the set up process. Click Get Started to Begin, as shown below.

KB0026 - 7

8. You will be required to log in with your Google Account, this could be both personal or your Oakhill College email. As shown below.

KB0026 - 8

9. You will then see three different Tips which you will be required to click “Next” to proceed through. As shown in the images below.

KB0026 - 9  KB0026 - 10  KB0026 - 11

10. The fourth screen will display a “Done” button, if you click done, as shown below, the installation process is almost complete.

KB0026 - 12

11. You will then notice a “Login” window will appear. You will be required to authorise the completion of the installation by entering your password. As shown below.

KB0026 - 13

12. The installation is now complete.

You will notice the following to things will now appear in different places on your Macbook.

  • You will notice a “Drive” Icon in the Right Hand corner of your screen, as shown below.
    This will notify you of any synchronisation issues with your drive folder and also the last synchronisation time.

KB0026 - 14

  • You will also notice a “Google Drive” folder appear in your Favourites within the Finder window as shown below.
    This is where you are able to drop the files you wish to store in your Google Drive. You will also see your Google Docs, Sheets, Presentations & Drawings appear here.
    They will be acts as links to the file within your Google Drive.

KB0026 - 15

Should you have any issues with this, please email the ICT Helpdesk by using the following link: Email the Helpdesk