How to Download and Install Office for Windows

How to Download and Install Office 365 (Windows)

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  • Once logged on you should be taken to a Downloads page. The Microsoft Office Suite should be available to download. Click the Install Office button.

Note: Choose the 64bit version for better performance.

Once the download is completed, you should see an OfficeSetup.exe install file in your downloads folder or specified download location.

Begin the installation 

Double-click and launch the Setup file downloaded in the above step.

Note: you will require an internet connection to complete this software installation.

Continue through the installation prompts and accept the End User License Agreement. Please be patient during the installation process, as it can take some time to complete.

Once the installation is finished you should be now able to use the Microsoft Office Suite


Should you have any issues with this, please email the ICT Helpdesk by using the following link: Email the Helpdesk