Setting up your Laptop for School

BYOD made easy with Microsoft InTune

Oakhill College now offers parents and students the ease and convenience of BYOD device setup, via the Microsoft InTune program.

On-boarding (or enrolling) your BYOD device allows it to automatically connect to the College network and gain access to BYOD software apps and files. The device is best enrolled at home using the instructions further down on this page. Once enrolled, the BYOD device will automatically connect to the College network and receive BYOD software. Nothing further is required from you. If the device is not enrolled when brought to school, an extra step is needed to connect to the College Wi-Fi before enrolling the device.

What Intune does

Microsoft InTune allows Windows and Mac BYOD devices to be automatically configured for use at Oakhill College. This includes:

  • Enable Wi-Fi Connectivity to the College network
  • Enable automatic setup of the device’s default mail application to add the student’s Oakhill email account 
  • Enable access to a selected list of BYOD applications 
  • Automatically distribute and install essential Oakhill BYOD software
  • Enable students as well as Oakhill ICT Services staff the ability to remove the device from InTune
  • Enable students the ability to ‘factory reset’ a lost or stolen device
  • Provide information on applications installed through Intune
  • Provide some information such as username, device serial number, device name, model, manufacturer, OS name and version 

What Intune does not do

  • Does not monitor student use of the BYOD device
  • Does not track a student’s location
  • Does not provide information on personal software applications
  • Does not allow the removal of personal software applications

How to enrol your BYOD device in InTune

To enrol your student BYOD device into the Oakhill College InTune Portal, you only need to install one software application (InTune Company Portal), and sign in to it with the students Oakhill College account.

We strongly recommend the enrolment process is completed by the student (with parent assistance if necessary) so they are familiar with the process.

If you own a MacBook Air or Pro, please follow these linked instructions to install the InTune Company Portal

If you own a Windows device, please follow these linked instructions to install the InTune Company Portal