macOS BYOD Device Enrollment Steps

We strongly recommend the enrolment process is completed by the student (with parent assistance if necessary) so that students are familiar with this process.

  1. Complete your initial device setup and login to the Mac with the account you (the student) will be using.

  2. Open a web browser and go to the URL Enroll your Mac with Intune Company Portal

  3. Follow the link to Enroll My Mac under the Install Company Portal App section as pictured below.

  1. This will download the PKG file for the Company Portal app – called CompanyPortal-Installer.pkg – run the installer from the Downloads folder once the download is complete.

  1. Follow the prompts to complete the installation – accept the license agreement, enter local account details with admin permissions to install etc.

  2. Open the Finder application (press Command + N whilst the desktop is showing on-screen), then locate the Company Portal app from the Applications list. Double click the app to run it.

  1. Click the Sign in button to sign in to the Company Portal app. The student must sign in with their Oakhill account.

  1. After successfully signing in, you will be prompted to Set up Oakhill College access. Click the Begin button.

  1. Click the Continue button in the bottom right corner.

  1. You will now be prompted to install a management profile. Click the Download profile button.

  1. The Profiles window will now open. Double click the Management Profile to open it

  1. Click the Install button in the lower left corner to install the Management Profile. Enter the username and password for an administrator account on the Mac when prompted. You can close the Profiles window once this has been done.

  1. Go back to the Company Portal app – it may be scanning the device, and then once completed it will present a screen like the one below advising the setup has been completed. Click the Done button.

  1. Nothing further is required after this point, but there are subsequent processes that are automatically triggered after enrollment is completed. Please allow at least 24 hours from completing the steps above for all applications to be installed and configuration to be completed.

    We recommend leaving your Mac switched on, connected to it’s charger and connected to Wi-Fi for 24 hours to allow the enrollment processes to complete – during which time you can continue to use your Mac as you wish.