Purchasing Portal – Step by Step instructions

1.Type your Student full name.

2.Select from the “Year level in 2015” pop down menu “All years”

3.Click the “Add” button

4.Go to Step 2 and from the “Full Name” pop down menu select your student name

5.All the notebooks being offered appear for you to view. These notebooks have been chosen by the school to suit the program.

If you click into each one, an expanded description of the specs of that machine can be displayed.

If you decide on a notebook, you can click “Add to Cart” from this window.

Remember that they all are bundled with 3 years on site warranty by Apple, Toshiba and HP depending on which notebook you purchase.

6.Once you have decided on the notebook you want, click on its picture and in the opening window you can click “Add to Cart” 

7.You can then go into “Optional Accessories” and from the pop down menu, select your student name.  The accessories and services offered should then appear.

8.The school has selected 2 bag types to suit those ordering the Apple or HP range of notebooks.  The Toshiba models come with a bag already as part of their bundle from Toshiba.

9.In addition,  you can select an insurance product if you wish to do insurance from the portal.  The insurer is QBE and the coverage value has been selected to best cover a full replacement of your notebook, should anything happen to it such as theft or complete damage for example.

**The prices mentioned represent the true cost of your notebook should you need it replaced.  This in some cases differs from your purchase price.  This is because the program price you are paying is a special program price and may not be available at the time your insurance claim is made.  The coverage amount represents a normal pricing of your model in the marketplace.

We also recommend comparing the prices with your existing home and contents insurer as they may be able to provide a package for you.  Please use our excess of $100 and our coverage value and 3 year coverage period as a guide to ensure you are comparing the same product.

10 Now enter all your details as the biller/contact person,  that will appear on the invoice/receipt once your order ships.

11 Your notebook will take approx. 10 days to be available for delivery.

12 Next select “Free shipping” from the pop down menu.

13 Next select your payment method from the pop down menu.

Congratulations! You have now finished your order!  

You will receive an email confirmation of your order and then it takes approx.10 days, to be available for your nominated choice of delivery or collection.

If you have any questions regarding anything to do with the portal, your purchase before or after you have made it, please do not hesitate to contact your Oakhill College team.  The fastest and most convenient way is via email at oakhillcollege@compnow.com.au to arrange a call back or for an email reply.

If you prefer to call you can call Compnow on 02 9951 7979