Vivi 1.7 Software Release

You may have noticed, there has been some changes to your Vivi app.

The latest Vivi Update now includes some new features aim to enhance your Vivi experience in the Classroom.


Some of these Features Include:

Pause (Freeze) Screen

Pause Screen allows teachers to pause static content on the main screen while continuing to use their device. This way teachers can leave important notes or homework instructions on one screen for student reference, while continuing to perform their own work.



Vivi can now display subtitles for videos, where they exist. You can turn on this feature by simply ticking the ‘subtitles’ checkbox from the video controls screen.


Play Local Video Direct

The new Play Local Video Direct feature means you can now play local video files, from any device. You still have access to all the Play Video Direct functionality, including video controls, exceptional video quality, and the ability to use the device while the video plays.


Movie Mode

This feature allows you to improve the streaming quality of any media that can’t be played using the Play Video Direct or Play Local Video Direct. It does this by placing a two-second streaming delay to give your computer – and your Vivi – time to process and play, smoothly.