Configuring your Laptop for School

Please note: If your laptop is brand new, it will need to be unpacked and ready for use with a local sign-in account configured prior to commencing the following steps. 

1. Connecting to a Wireless Network

In order for this process to be successful, you will need to ensure your laptop is connected to a wireless network. This can be your home wireless, a mobile hot spot or the Oakhill College wireless. If you are unsure how to connect to a wireless network we have prepared the following guides for your reference:

2. Installation of the Oakhill College Internet Security Certificate

In order for students to successfully browse the internet through the Oakhill College firewall, they are required to install a security certificate which will be used to identify the trusted partnership between your device and our network. Students can download the certificate via the Insight ICT knowledgebase. Click on INSTALL CERTIFICATES in the top menu on the Insight ICT knowledgebase.

3. Install the Google Chrome Browser

During your child’s time at Oakhill they will be predominately working within the Google Apps for Education suite (Google G-Suite), which includes Google Classroom, Google Docs & Google Drive for content creation, sharing & submission of work. It is recommended that students operate within the Google Chrome browser while at School and set this browser as the default.

Students can download the Google Chrome browser from the following link: Google Chrome Download

4. Installation of the Microsoft Office 365

Each student is provided a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 365 as a part of their school login account. Students will be required to log into their school email account to activate the Office 365 software.

In order to install Microsoft Office 365, please follow the following step by step guide we have created to assist with this process:

5. Configuration of Google Chrome Homepage

Each student is asked to set their Google Chrome homepage to Home.Oakhill. This is the student landing page that contains links to where students can view daily notices, authenticate to all services related to Oakhill College including, Google Drive, Email & Office365. Home.Oakhill can be found at the following web address:

If you are having trouble setting the homepage in your Google Chrome browser, we have created the following article to assist with the process: